990mg CBD / 30mg per capsule

With many modern diets lacking in essential vitamins and minerals our body’s endurance of life falters. That’s why we’ve combined our high-quality 99.9% pure CBD isolate with one of nature’s incredible wonders. From fruit, leaves, root, stem and bark, not a single part of the graviola tree is wasted. At Conscious Being we wanted to create a convenient way to help replenish what’s lacking so you can endure more.



33 capsules per bottle – 

At Conscious Being, we make it our mission to fill each and every bottle with the finest CBD isolate that has been lab tested. Our products contain less than 0.1% THC.
The graviola tree (also known as Soursop) is found in the rainforests of South America and the tropical regions of the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. It has been used throughout time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Soursop is packed full or vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, potassium, thiamine, niacin, folate and iron – just to name a few.
We were shocked when we discovered that many companies were using potentially harmful flow agents in their products. With our organic ethic, we wanted to steer clear of any chemicals or unnatural products. That’s why we’ve chosen organic brown rice flour.

Recommended Use:
Take one capsule daily with water, do not exceed stated dose.
This product is not intended to: diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The statements contained on this label DO NOT imply that this product has any medicinal properties or use.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied or balanced diet.
Store in a cool dry place, do not exceed the stated dose. Not to be consumed by persons under the age of 18.
If you are taking any prescribed medication, pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions,
always consult your doctor, pharmacist or health care professional before consumption.
If unsure about suitability always consult a medical professional. Discontinue immediately if sleeplessness
or nausea occur.

Suitable for Vegetarian: YES        Suitable for Vegan: YES

*GMP Certified: 21 CFR Part 111 & 117

*ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Laboratories & EFSA Approved for use in food

99.9% Pure CBD isolate, Less than 0.1% THC


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